Professional Logo Design + Brand Development

Logo Design + Brand Development

A businesses logo is nothing more and nothing less, then an visual representation of a businesses core value and purpose. It’s your choice how your business is represented.

What does a Logo stand for a business?

The logo, often the first visual your consumer notices from your company aside from the service or product your business offers. The company logo should represent and communicate what the company does and stands for in everyday business operations. Regardless of what you are trying to say or do with your business, your logo should visually communicate. Ask any of clients the dramatic difference our logos alone have done to improve and grow their business! Your logo can do so much more than looking good on your letterhead, find out today and get started with us!

Check back to see example of Ignite Era Original Professional examples of the different types of logo explained on this page.

What is Branding?

Branding is as it sounds like it is. In the old West, a rancher would brand their cattle with ranch iron brand, that would represent the farm its self like a logo. This process later translated into marketing and advertising products. It is a straightforward and powerful way to promote, market, and advertise your business. Adding your logo and brand to all your products, services, and consumer outreach will create a lasting impression that could convert a one-time consumer into a loyal long time customer.

What does Branding consist of for a business today?

The elements that make up a businesses brand are but not limited to a companies logo, typeface, tagline, mission statement, color scheme, graphic style, style guide, and brand positioning Having a brand developed with your logo is a good asset to create for future uses. Have a brand designed to accompany your new logo now will save you time and resources you’ll need to grow your business.

Typographic Logo Design

Some of our personal favorites to create, the typographic logo is also known as a wordmark is a logo based on text and typeface altered and manipulated to create a visual image out a portion of the text or one letter.

Graphic Logo Design

Graphic based logo design is diverse art in self, Not only must you communicate an idea powerfully thru a graphic image. But the graphic design and style applied to the piece must compliment and follow the style the client wishes and their consumer will be attracted too.

Iconic Logo Design

Like our own logo, iconic logo design is a simple way to communicate a strong message in quick to digest visually. Other iconic well known iconic logos would be those of just brand like Target’s Target symbol, Mercedes-Benz tri-star, and Apples bitten apple icon logo.

The iconic logo design often works wells with business with a core mission statement or valued purpose aside from generating profit. Take Ignite Era, for example, we not all about the bottom line, our primary goal with every project we work on is to develop relations of social enterprise success. We spend as much time in innovating our services and skills as we do providing those same services and expertise to all our clients!

What are the Benefits of have a logo and brand created?

Style Guide

Your businesses #1 go to resource when you need to market or promote your business and more! Style Guides are the do’s, don’t, and how to design, attract, and nail a flawless consumer outreach with a lasting impression.

Create Business Awareness

With a logo and brand on hand now an outreach you decide to do for your business can now promote not only what you provide but who you are!

Strengthen Local Market Awareness

Branding Your storefront, business cards, flyers that you’ll hand out to your community is the start of building a loyal consumer following.

Elevated Professionalism

Dress to impressed matters, and its even more important when it comes to your business. Make sure regardless whether your potential customer first impression of your business is a business card, flyer, or website that they know and remember who you are and why they should come to you.

Better Faster Design Services

It’s a pretty simple concept, if designer have a guide of do’s and dont’s along with a color palette, typeface choice, and mission. Their designs will not only be much much more attractive but will often get done at a much faster rate for the same investment.